Faculty of editing and scripting program

Chief editor

Valérie Loiseleux

Sound engineer, sound mixer

Marie Massiani

Sound editor

Corinne Rozenberg


Diana Dolce

Image editor, sound editor

Denis Leborgne

Sound engineer, sound editor, sound mixer

Aymeric Dupas

Sound engineer, sound editor

Vincent Guillon

Film director, chief editor

Marjorie Cauwel

Film director, writer, camera operator

Judith Abitbol

Film director, actress

Nino Kirdatze

Chief editor, sound editor

Virginie Messiaen

Special effects technician, graphic designer and editor

Stefania Vanoussis

Sound editor

Ingrid Ralet

Chief editor specialized in trailer editing

Nathalie Beaufays

Chief editor, sound engineer, sound editor, sound mixer

Cedric Jouan

Film director, chief editor, script writer

Karima Saïdi

Script writer

Zakya Azale

Film director, assistant director, production assistant and script writer

Claudia Neubern

Script writer and photographer

Olivia Bruynoghe

Chief editor

Ghizlaine Assif

Editor and responsible post-production

Brahim Barahamou

Film director and screen writer

Rogier Van Eck

Script writer

Joelle Keyser

Image and sound editing

Michele Hubinon

Editor, script writer and production

Eva Houdova

Chief editor

Catherine Le Mignant

Head of editing and scripting program

France Duez

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