A scholarship fund was created to guarantee accessibility to ESAV for students from all social levels. An autonomous scholarship fund commission decides on the amount of the scholarships. It takes into account the student’s placement in the entrance examination, the income of the family, the number of dependent children, and the distance of the student from his or her home town. This commission is composed of Moroccan and foreign personalities and professionals.

The search for funds

It is carried out through the Association “Les Amis de leas Marrakech” (Paris), the Dar Bellarj Foundation (Marrakech), the Susanna Biedermann Foundation (Basel). The sums collected cover the costs for a student’s entire education. Scholarships may be full or partial. The Association “Les Amis de l’ ESAV Marrakech” and the Susanna Biedermann Foundation can issue certificates allowing a tax deduction.

Cost of tuition

The amount of 56,000 dirhams (about 5000 euros) per student and year was established in line with the costs of private higher education institutions in Morocco.

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