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Donor members associate with the project of the founders of ESAV: to make excellence accessible to all without any preconceived status or origin, and to allow equal access to studies by giving a future to young talents, actors of the future and to enable them to express themselves through the visual arts.


Each donor is regularly informed about the development of the school and its activities, and is invited as privileged guest. The donors are mentioned in communication, the wall reserved for donors at the entrance of the school, and the Internet. They can choose to personally sponsor a scholarship and, in this case, follow the students training.

Thanks to our donors

Doen Foudation Association des amis de la musique de Marrakech SACD, Fondation Janelly et Jean-René Fourtou CNC, Fondation Hadida Jean-Pierre Brossmann, Pascal Greggory, Jardin Majorelle Pierre Bergé, Fondation Susanna Biedermann, Jacques Uffer and Hans-Rudolf Kummerer

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