Cinematographic spaces

Writing, design and preparation

Starting in February, several classrooms are transformed into meeting rooms and production offices where films are written, imagined and shared.

Film Equipment

Two 200 and 250 square meters film stages with a 13 meters high ceiling, equipped with technical grills and acoustically treated, are used primarily for the training courses planned in the educational curriculum but are also open for professional filming to hire. An access ramp allows trucks to park in front of these trays to facilitate the unloading of scenery and materials.

Natural setting

A setting apartment has been fitted on the top floor of the building. It includes a large living room equipped with a counterfeit American kitchen and bathroom, and two bedrooms. Exposed to daylight through several large windows, this space allows students to confront the difficult management of shooting in natural light. Easy to set up, it is used a lot for exercises, tests and experiments. It is an essential tool in pedagogy, which aims to train professional practitioners directly operational in the field, leaving school with several experiences of film sets.


Documentary and graduation films are mostly shot outside the school, and with a few exceptions, within a 30 km radius of the city. The transport of teams and equipment are made available for filming.

Costumes and accessories

Since the school opened, all costumes and accessories have been preserved, maintained and listed. This real treasure stimulates students imagination, allows them to build real or imaginary universes from different eras and to situate their actions in different social environments.

Post production

We have 6 “AVID Media Composer” virtual editing systems and 10 “Final Cut pro” virtual editing systems, 6 sound editing rooms equipped with “PRO-TOOLS” software, a mixing auditorium equipped with a “DIGIDESIGN D-command PRO-TOOLS HD” platform, a large screen projection and a recording studio equipped with a “DIGIDESIGN Control 24 PRO-TOOLS HD” platform.

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