Film director, chief operator

José Reynés

Shooting operator

Abdellah Zouhair

Direction photography, film director, script writer

Charlie Van Damme

Direction photography, 1st camera assistant

Willy Stassen

Direction photography

Cringuta Pinzaru

Camera operator

Michel Houssiau

Video operator

Catherine Hilal

Direction photography and camera operator

Philippe Guilbert

Director photography

Crystel Fournier

Arts, cultures, societies, courses and documentary workshop

Corinne Cauvin

Film director, documentary workshop

Judith Abitbol

Film director, documentary workshop

Suzy Gillet

Film director, portrait workshop

Douglas Schmith

Film director, script writer, playwriting workshop

Angelo Cianci

Film director, script writer, script writing workshop

Mathias Gokalp

Film director, script writer, script writing workshop

Razvan Radulescu

Film director, script writer, actor direction workshop

Stéphane Vuillet

Script writer, writing workshop

Gladys Marciano

Film director, 1st assistant film director, remake workshop

Fréderic Roullier-Gall

1st assistant film director

Samuel Girardin

Film director, direction and photography workshop

Hamid Fardjad

Film director, fiction 3 min workshop B1

Ahmed El Maanouni

Film director, fiction 3 min workshop

Guy Mousset

Film director, fiction 3 min workshop

Jean-Luc Daniel

Film director, documentary workshop

Anne Aghion

Film director, head of the directing program

Faouzi Bensaïdi

Sound engineer, sound mixer, music editor

Melissa Petit-jean

Sound engineer

Guy Senaux

Noise editor

Gilles Marsalet

Sound engineer

Julien Gerber

Sound engineer, sound mixer

Marie Massiani

Sound editor

Jean-Pierre Halbwachs

Sound engineer, acoustic editor

Pascal Luquet

Author, film director, scientific journalist

Antonio Fischetti

Sound engineer

David Rit

Sound engineer, sound editor

Nicolas Cantin

Piano player

Danièle Picamoles

Sound director, sound engineer, record production

Denis Mercier

Technical director, sound engineer

Abdelilah Hilal

Head of sound program

Franck Rubio

Sound engineer, sound mixer

Marie Massiani


Diana Dolce

Image editor, sound editor

Denis Leborgne

Sound engineer, sound editor, sound mixer

Aymeric Dupas

Film director, chief editor

Marjorie Cauwel

Film director, writer, camera operator

Judith Abitbol

Film director, actress

Nino Kirdatze

Special effects technician, graphic designer and editor

Stefania Vanoussis

Chief editor specialized in trailer editing

Nathalie Beaufays

Chief editor, sound engineer, sound editor, sound mixer

Cedric Jouan

Film director, chief editor, script writer

Karima Saïdi

Script writer and photographer

Olivia Bruynoghe

Chief editor

Ghizlaine Assif

Editor and responsible post-production

Brahim Barahamou

Film director and screen writer

Rogier Van Eck

Script writer

Joelle Keyser

Chief editor

Catherine Le Mignant

Head of editing and scripting program

France Duez

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