Art history

Noureddine Bousfiha

Graphic designer; Responsible for thesis program 2011-2014; Coordination of master program digital design

Lola Duval

Video and animation

Grégoire Lemoine

Graphic designer, illustrator; Responsible for thesis program 2012-2015

Sarah Fouquet

Arabic typography; Assistant

Salah Belizzi

Latin typography

Margaret Gray


Laila Hida

Language and communication

Chloé Pellegrini

Arabic typography

Zouheir Nsiri

History and practice of photography

Fatima Mazmouz

Graphic designer; Responsible for thesis program 2009-2013

Malte Martin

Drawing and illustration

Sibylle Baltzer

Communication design; Coordination of master program identity and brand design

Cédric Gatillon


My Youssef El Kahfaï

Signage and architecture

Véronique Massenet

Signage and architecture

Rémi Dumas-Primbault

Brand design and typography

Christophe Badani

Digital Lab

Julien Bidoret

Video editing

Brahim Barahamou

Color and architecture

Sandra Ancelot

Research and design workshop

SaÏd Afifi


Delphine Warin

Typography and brand design

Gia Tran

Graphic designer and typographer; Responsible for thesis program 2013-2016

Perrine Saint-Martin

Graphic designer; Responsible for the first thesis program 2008-2012

Etienne Robial

Pedagogical Director; Culture, graphic design and society

Florence Robert-Vissy

Calligraphy and typography

Loic Legall

Magazine workshop

Mathilde Kœnig

Fabric designer; Brand design and color

Coco Hellein


Franck Jalleau

Computer graphics

Simone Coda

Language and communication

François Cadoux

Graphic designer; Coordination of master program Arabic typography

Brahim Boucheilkha

Graphic designer; Assistant

Chaymae Ejjacck

Graphic designer; Responsible for thesis program 2014-2017

Vincent Perrottet

Graphic designer; Responsible for thesis program 2015-2018

Carolina Rojas

Interactive communication


Light workshop

Brigitte Juminer

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