Film-making and audiovisual professions are changing with the development of increasingly accessible tools. To enter and progress rapidly in this constantly growing business sector, training is essential. By integrating the film-making and audiovisual course of the ESAV, students follow the essential initial training.

The film-making and audiovisual department offers training courses that lead to the professions of director, screenwriter, assistant director, production manager, cinematographer, sound engineer, editor and scriptwriter. Teachings are at the same time theoretical, technical and practical. The ESAV has all the necessary equipment for learning the film-making and audiovisual professions and for the production of student films. The school also has its own film studios, editing rooms and a cinema room equipped with the latest projection and viewing technologies.This course allows you to easily integrate, right out of school, from filming or postproduction teams to assistant positions, and to quickly progress to positions of responsibility in the world of film-making, television, and production of digital content.




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