The Bachelor in Graphic Design at ESAV-Marrakech is a four-year degree course that covers all aspects of the field and is distinguished by a multidisciplinary approach rooted in a local as well as a global context.

The program provides students with solid theoretical, practical and technical tools, and gives them the means to work in the fields of graphic design and visual communication in a studio, agency or business, or as freelancers.

The rich and varied curriculum offers an environment suitable for reflection on the role of design in the face of major multicultural issues; it allows students to develop critical intellectual and creative tools essential to generate contemporary innovative proposals. It trains open-minded designers, capable of reflecting on their disciplines within the geographic, historical and socio-cultural contexts in which they are embedded and are practiced today.

The courses are offered by a large team of local, regional and international speakers. They include tutorials, theoretical and historical lectures, independent projects, professional internships, as well as meetings, conferences, and international exchanges and workshop visits.




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