Anticipating the future

For twelve years, our teams of lecturers in the fields of image, sound, editing, directing and graphic design have been training new generations in film and audiovisual, graphic and digital design. The challenge for any school is to anticipate the future.

ESAV’s dual curriculum in film and graphic design is an essential asset that prepares future professionals to meet the sector’s needs in new technical and creative skills.

More than ever, with the support of its partners, ESAV is exploring new ways of telling stories, creating, producing and disseminating new visual and sound worlds. In addition, with the beginning of the 2018 academic year, it provides a common creative path in film, graphic and digital design, leading to master degrees that are specialized in the cutting edge of European standards.

Susanna Biedermann and Max Alioth, the founders of ESAV, were convinced of the central role that artists play in the human development of societies, and it is with this conviction in mind that they offered Morocco this ambitious professional education opportunity, enabling the emergence of an creative African pool to share with the world.

Every year, our films are selected and awarded at international festivals. Our graphic and digital design campaigns win prestigious competitions.

We are proud of these successes, rewarding the school’s values, the rigour
of its teaching and the high standards of its program. We would like to thank each and every one of those who supported us with their benevolent confidence.

Vincent Melilli

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