ESAV Production

ESAV Production is a production company linked to the Graduate School of Visual Arts in Marrakech. It is also a springboard for the next generation of graduates from ESAV. ESAV Production explores fiction while assuming its special presence in documentary filmmaking by merging desire and knowledge. Our ambition is to identify and support emerging Moroccan and foreign talents that bring new perspectives and innovative writing styles. We develop projects for short and long dramas, animation and documentaries. We accompany the author from his first intention to the screening in cinemas or festivals.

Our projects are carried out on an international scale with an emphasis on the African continent. Although young authors are already present in our world of film we feel, that we can strengthen their presence even more. ESAVProduction pursues the objective initiated by ESAV Graduate School of Visual Arts of Marrakech, which consists in bringing out a new generation of authors and film and audiovisual professionals on the African continent and more particularly in Morocco.


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