Bachelor (bac+3) and master (bac+5) in cinema and audiovisual

The film and audiovisual program offers training courses at the bachelor level (bac+3) and master level (bac+5) which lead to the professions of film and television director, image, sound and editing.

After two semesters, the further specialization is starting, by taking into account the student’s wishes, and the number of places available in the chosen courses. If the number of candidates for a specialization is greater than the available places, the selection of candidates will be based on rankings. Teaching is both theoretical, technical and practical. The lessons, specific to each of the courses, alternate with workshops that bring together either two or three or even four courses. The ESAV curriculum makes it easy to integrate filming and post-production crews into assistant positions as soon as students graduate from school, and to move quickly into positions of responsibility.

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