Editing / scripting course

Bachelor degree (bac+3) Editing, scripting

At the end of a bachelor course (bac+3) at ESAV, in editing and scriptwriting, the student is trained to work as a scriptwriter on a short film set, to ensure its preparation and to have a look at the continuity of the film production. The student also has acquired artistic, technical and technological training for the setting up of a short fiction or documentary film for commercial distribution and reproducibility. The knowledge acquired from this training enables the student to fulfil the part of post-production editor and thanks to the methodological mastery of the specific program can take responsible positions in a production structure.

Bachelor degree (bac+5) Editing, scripting

Students who has completed a master course (bac+5) at ESAV in editing and
scriptwriting, in addition to having acquired the skills described in the bachelor course, will have perfected the knowledge in scriptwriting, editing and post-production thanks to the internship in a professional environment and training courses promoting technical and artistic aspects. They will be able to apply this knowledge to the post-production of a feature film, but also to more specific short forms (advertising, trailers, etc.) by taking into account the complexity of post-production, the diversity of formats, workflow management and delivery vectors. They will be able to work on more ambitious audiovisual or film projects, and to lead a career as a scriptwriter, assistant editor, image and sound editor on fiction projects in film and television or documentary projects. This training will also allow them to develop a career as a post-production director and to occupy a position with managerial responsibilities in a structure.

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