Sound course

Bachelor degree (bac+3) Sound

Students who have completed a bachelor course (bac+3) in the field of sound studies, can apply for all the functions of assistant (sound operator assistant, sound editor assistant, mixer assistant) in the field of sound to image (shooting, post-production) or music (sound assistant, recorder). They will find their place in audiovisual productions (storytelling, portraits, news magazines, documentary films or short or medium-length fiction films), and will be able to assist sound recording, sound editing, mixing or sound illustration.

Bachelor degree (bac+5) Sound

Students who has completed a master course (bac+5) at ESAV, in addition to mastering the skills described in the bachelor course can apply for all the positions of manager or post manager (sound operator, sound editor and mixer) on productions ranging from short or medium-length feature films to documentaries, including recording, broadcasting and musical mixing. In addition to this level of training, which provides a very high degree of professional adaptability and experience in the field will enable graduates to quickly consider their profession in the fields of feature films, live performance sound systems, recording studios and mixing auditoriums.

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